Our Partners 

SHINE is partnering with all organisation who are serving the same purpose or who have the same vision as SHINE and the purpose of partnering is to share the information and to learn new things that might assist in our goal and our vision.We have different partners from the local organisations and the international organisations. Due to different programmes that we are doing and that we have a big muscle in community mobilization we are working with the following partners on different levels and on different programmes:

 TAC :www.tac.org.za 


Doctors Without Borders: https://www.msf.org.za

1 in 9 campaign:www.oneinnine.org.za   

KwaZulu Regional Christian Council/KRCC:www.krcc.org.za

Amnesty International in South Africa:www.amnesty.org

 institute for healing of Memories: www.healing-memories.org