About Us 

Shintsha Health Initiative is a non profit organization founded in 2012,by people living openly with HIV/TB,to encourage everybody to know and to be free about their HIV status because there is no shame in HIV positive status.SHINE is a non political ,non discriminatory and non profit making organization, because HIV affects everybody, people of all political and religious beliefs and people of all ages.

SHINE is a membership based organization and everybody is eligible to join SHINE regardless of their age,gender or HIV status.Our aim is to represent all HIV positive people and their communities and to ensure that they are safe and protected. SHINE members are infected and affected people passionate about promoting the rights of people living with HIV and to spread quality information about HIV.

Our Objectives

  • Building community friendly resilience.
  • Linking the community to health services and other service providers.
  • Networking with other NGO’S and PLHIV organizations to share skills and knowledge.
  • Breaking the silence against HIV/TB and creating community friendly health education programs.
  • Educating the community about HIV/TB and promoting condom usage for those who are sexually active.
  • Creating suitable wellness programs for people living with HIV with specific interest to learners and youth at school.


Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest our aim is to fight stigma and discrimination The membership is open to all people infected and affected by Human Immune-deficiency virus.

The potential member becomes a member by applying for membership by filling the membership application form within the branch or area of residence,should the branch within the area of residence be not available the potential member may apply through the our office.

The role of the membership in our organisation 

SHINE members are the foot solders of our organisation due to the fact that they are coming from all coners of the community and they are representing different groups of the community.The responsibility of the the members is to mobilize,educate and cascade the information to their communities in order to fight injustice and social ills that affects our society or their communities.

SHINE members/SHINE foot solders are capacitated with knowledge and information on human rights,health rights,HIV/AIDS,TB and a Antiretroviral Treatment (ARVS) the purpose of capacitating  our members is to give power to the community because the first weapon  to fight injustice and diseases in the community  is the knowledge,when the community is educated about HIV/AIDS ,TB  and other issues especially human rights there will be  no violation of human rights, number of new incidence of TB and HIV will be reduced.